Business Writing: How to master the art

Business writing Best Practices:


Business writing is useful from newspapers to local company websites.

Trying to articulate good content for your readers can be tricky.

The key to doing it well is being very clear and precise.

It is also important to make sure that your punctuation and the words that you highlight and emphasize are your primary focus. There are times that you need to make sure that you are very clear upfront with your reader as to what you are going to discuss, while there are others that lend themselves to bring clarity in value at the end of the discussion.

This way the curiosity is the driving force behind getting your reader to persevere to the end.

Personally I like to let the reader know what they can expect in getting out of a writing that I put together for them. I feel like if I set the goals for my reader it helps them gauge the material.

You can think of a an article as a particular type of food. Just like we consume food we consume written material.

Some people don’t like their food touching. A lot of article writers tend to throw everything into the body of the content they are publishing. This is the equivalent of mixing tons of food together on a plate. It overwhelms the reader and makes it hard to consume well. Digesting the information that is put forth is the key to well written material.

After writing an article, you could ask yourself will the reader be able to understand the introduction to what I have written? Will the Reader be able to understand the body of the information and message and will the Reader clearly capture the main focus of the summary so that the reader leaves educated about a particular topic?

If you are able to chunk down the information well, then you can offer up a very clean portion of information that is easy to consume.

I often suggest making paragraphs only a couple of sentences long.

I also recommend having one sentence paragraphs scattered throughout the article that you’re writing.  This makes it easier on the eyes.

This chunks down the information and gives the reader a strategy for digesting the information that is put forth and provided for them.

Finally, I’d suggest that when you’re writing that you always keep in mind your primary focus Group. You need to understand your audience and the pain that they are dealing with. Effective article writing means meeting them where they’re at.

In summary make sure that your articles are simple to understand, easy to consume based on format, and really drive home a message that your audience can relate to.