Honey Lessons

Honey and Hot Afternoons

It was a hot afternoon as we were driving back to our house. My wife and kids were with me. We saw yellow sign with big black letters that said local honey for sale.

So, we stopped and inquired about the honey. We had heard that the honey could help our allergies and was overall good for our health, so we had a few questions.

The man selling the honey was an older Jewish man who has been successful in business and have built himself a house on the lake and I was using it as a makeshift storefront to sell his raw local honey.

He was super entertaining as he spoke to us about honey and lemons and things you like to grow and do at his age.

However, one of the things that he mentioned to us was that he owned 10 dogs.

He said he realize the dogs were the key to happiness. The reason for it he said was because they know how to love better than anybody else.

When we asked why so many, he said it really didn’t matter whether you had two or ten, once you are past owning just one, they all pretty much take care of themselves.

He said… think about it. Dogs are always happy to see you and they all know how to love each other well. If one dog falls out of line a “higher ranking” dog makes sure that they fall back into line.

He said the nice furniture and having everything perfect in your house really isn’t worth this… sacrificing true love.

This guy was a great salesman. Not only did we buy tons of honey from him to the tune of….gallons. But also, we decided to get a dog that day. Note, not from him though.

So, I went down to the local pet shop in search for the perfect dog for the family. I came across a teacup Yorke who was only about a pound when I found him. Of course I didn’t know how sick he was coming from that puppy mill, however, that’s another story.

We brought home a puppy many months ago and tonight on our way home one of my sons said,  “You know dad?  The dog changed our lives.”

He said, “You know we are a different family now that he’s there too.”

In my mind, I couldn’t help revisiting the conversation we had with the old man.

Maybe it is true that a dog is the pathway to happiness. Honey makes you healthier and an old man’s wisdom can’t be denied.

What do you think?