Monthly Archives: June 2015

Purely Positive: Developing the right mindset

How much is thinking positive really influence whether or not you have success? So for anyone that is actually watch the secret, you would recognize that the concept is that you attract whatever you put out in the world. />The idea is that if you are worried all the time […]

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Honey Lessons

Honey and Hot Afternoons It was a hot afternoon as we were driving back to our house. My wife and kids were with me. We saw yellow sign with big black letters that said local honey for sale. So, we stopped and inquired about the honey. We had heard that […]

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Learning Languages

  So What if I learned a Bunch of Languages…here’s how I did it: When I was young I was fascinated by languages, so I decided that I wanted to learn as many as I could. I got interested in language because my best friends growing up spoke Spanish. It […]

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